Always something new to learn …

Observing nature, as I try to do every day, reinforces how little I understand about the details of its workings.

After observing a female Mistletoebird bringing material to a partially constructed nest last week, I pondered about the role of the male. For much of the time the male perched nearby as the female made a series of quick visits with cobwebs.

Wikipedia, not always a definitive source, states … “The female mistletoebird builds the nest by herself with no help from the male”.

I was surprise and intrigued then, during a visit to the site yesterday, to see the male pop in to make what appeared to be some adjustments to the nest structure. It didn’t appear to be bringing nest material but certainly seemed to be making a contribution to the overall process.


Mistletoebird nest, Spring Hill, 25th October 2015.


The male Mistletoebird made a fleeting visit to adjust the nest lining.


The female arriving with some cobwebs.

3 responses to “Always something new to learn …

  1. Having the time to devote to observation is giving rewards, possibly males take on a supervisory role, after all his offspring will depend on the quality.

  2. Checking to make sure she was doing a good job?

  3. The photo of the little female is stunning Geoff. She looks so delicate with the cobwebs in her beak, and the muted background beautifully frames the appealing portrait. And how clever she is.

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