Autumn 2016

30th May 2016

  • South end of Longmire Lane, Strangways – Noisy Friarbird (1) being harassed by Magpies and wattlebirds – thanks Kate Sandiford!

16th May 2016

  • Fence Track – White-eared Honeyeater (first heard this season), Speckled Warbler, Golden Whistler (imm), Buff-rumped Thornbill, Scarlet Robin (pair).

20th March 2016

  • Rotunda Park – Eastern Spinebill (first for season in town) – 2 juveniles, Pied Currawong (first for season and heading east), Brown Goshawk (on rabbit).

6th March 2016

  • Mia Mia Track – Chestnut-rumped Hylacola, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Red-capped Robin, Grey Shrike-thrush, Crested Bellbird, Hood Robin (pair), Brown-headed Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Buff-rumped Thornbill, Little Eagle, Whistling Kite, Striated Pardalote, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Rainbow Bee-eater, White-throated Needletail (1).
  • Loddon River (Newstead) – Powerful Owl.

2nd March 2016

  • Bell’s Lane and Mia Mia Track – Rainbow Bee-eater, Chestnut-rumped Hylacola, Crested Shrike-tit, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Crested Bellbird (calling)

1st March 2016

  • Mia Mia Track – Rainbow Bee-eater, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Peaceful Dove.