Winter 2014

24th August 2014

* Muckleford Gorge – Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Shining and Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo, Jacky Winter, Flame Robin, Dusky Woodswallow, Peregrine Falcon, Brown Thornbill, Weebill, Restless Flycatcher, Peaceful Dove, Brown Treecreeper, Fuscous Honeyeater, White-plumed Honeyeater, Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella, Golden Whistler.

23rd August 2014

* Cairn Curran (Joyce’s Creek) – Red-necked Stint (1), Red-capped Plover, White-bellied Sea-eagle, Little Black Cormorant, Whistling Kite, Black Kite.

17th August 2014

* Rise and Shine (Drury Lane) – Fan-tailed Cuckoo, White-browed Babbler, Dusky  Woodswallow, Eastern Yellow Robin, Brown Treecreeper, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Fuscous Honeyeater, Black-chinned Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella.

8th August 2014

* Spring Hill Track – Spotted Quail-thrush (seen and heard calling), Crested Bellbird, Eastern Yellow Robin (making nest).

5th August 2014

* Muckleford Gorge – Shining Bronze-cuckoo & Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo – both first returns, Hooded Robin, Scarlet Robin, Flame Robin, Jacky Winter.

3rd August 2014

* Newstead township – Fan-tailed Cuckoo (first return) heard calling at home from near the Newstead PO.

26th July 2014

* Shining Bronze-cuckoo – heard calling near Walker’s Lane, Strangways by Kate Sandiford. Heard calling again on 28th July same location.

21st July 2014

* Sullivan’s Track – Hooded Robins (4) near intersection with Spring Hill Track.

19th July 2014

* Atkins Road/Walkers Lane Strangways – White-winged Triller (immature or females) reported by Kate Sandiford. This is a very early arrival or possible overwintering birds.

1st June 2014

* Saligari’s Rd Cotswold – two groups of Banded Lapwings (8 + 8) feeding in recently cultivated paddocks.

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