Spring 2010

21st November 2010

* Two separate pairs of Sacred Kingfishers at the Reserve on the Loddon River – one pair seen copulating. Also heard Rufous Songlarks.

* Whitling Kite on nest along Layard Street, Newstead.

*Walker’s Swamp, Moolort Plains – Whistling Kite, Tree Martins, Sacred Kingfishers, Black-winged Stilts (nesting), Australian Shelduck, Grey Teal, Black Duck, Sacred Ibis, Musk Lorikeet and White-faced Heron. A few Australian Kestrels and Brown Falcons seen across the Moolort Plains.

Walker’s Swamp, 21st November 2010

* Great Crested Grebes – nesting in the shallows to the south of the highway bridge at Joyces Creek.

20th November 2010

* Pair of Collared Sparrowhawks circling over the Reserve on the Loddon River at Newstead

* Juvenile Pacific Heron near Picnic Point at Cairn Curran

14th November 2010

* Pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles along Cemetery Rd. Striated Pardalotes entering nesting tunnels in the gully beside the Newstead Cemetery and the Sacred Kingfishers very vocal at the Loddon River Reserve.

13th November 2010

* Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling in Wyndham St, Newstead during gentle rain.

7th November 2010

* Pair of Sacred Kingfishers at the Loddon River Reserve.

31st October 2010

* Two pairs of Great Crested Grebes on Cairn Curran Reservoir at Joyces Creek.

27th October 2010

* Collared Sparrowhawk and Brown Falcon at the Newstead Cemetery.

* Intermediate Egrets along with many White-necked Herons, White-faced Herons, Straw-necked and Sacred Ibis at Walker’s Swamp.

* A single Brolga at its usual spot in the Lignum Swamp at Cotswold. The other half of the pair on the nest?

Brolga at Cotswold, 27th October 2010

25th October 2010

* Flock of ~ 8 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos at South Muckleford (11am)[location]. Same flock I think but now 12 in number (11.45am) over Bill Ford’s property further south at the head of the Muckleford Gorge. Also heard my first Rainbow Bee-eaters for the season here.

* Pallid Cuckoos calling at the Rise and Shine [location] – late afternoon ~ 6pm.

17th October 2010

* At Joyces Creek – north of the Highway Bridge @ Cairn Curran – pair of Sacred Kingfishers (first for the season), large numbers of Grey Teal with smaller number of Black Duck, Chestnut Teal, Hardhead, Blue-winged Shoveler and a single Great Crested Grebe. Also a single Darter.

16th October 2010

* Whistling Kite over highway on the eastern outskirts of Newstead.

11th October 2010

* Collared Sparrowhawk over Sullivan’s Track, Muckleford State Forest.

8th October 2010

* Small numbers of both White-necked Herons and Intermediate Egrets at Frogmore Swamp.

5th October 2010

* Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling from our front yard early this morning and a Boobook Owl calling late this evening from Rotunda Park!

3rd October 2010

* Along with the Painted Honeyeaters at Sullivan’s Track were Crested Bellbird (calling vigorously from at least two locations), Brown-headed Honeyeater, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Fuscous Honeyeater, White-plumed Honeyeater, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Mistletoebird, Varied Sitella, Crimson and Eastern Rosella, Yellow Thornbill, Jacky Winter, Striated Pardalote, Superb Fairy-wren, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Musk Lorikeet, Dusky Woodswallow, Red-rumped Parrot. A pair of Black-fronted Plovers (seen to mate) and a pair of Grey Teal on the top dam.

Black-fronted Plover, Sullivan’s Track Muckleford State Forest, 3rd October 2010

1st October 2010

* Three Latham’s Snipe Gallinago hardwickii flushed from the edge of Cairn Curran late this afternoon – location. Small numbers of Chestnut-breasted Shelducks, Black Ducks, Grey Teal, Chestnut Teal, White-faced Herons and White-necked Herons. Also ~ a dozen Great Cormorants perched on dead River Red-gum.

Great Cormorants, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 1st October 2010

28th September 2010

* Family of Australian Shelducks Tadorna tadornoides – pair plus 7 young on Moolort Plains swamp.

Shelduck family, Moolort Plains, 28th September 2010

25th September 2010

* Single Great Crested Grebe just upstream of the bridge at Joyces Creek.

Great Crested Grebe, Joyces Creek, 25th September 2010

* Pair of Yellow-billed Spoonbills on Saligari’s Swamp and about a dozen Intermediate Egrets at Walker’s Swamp.

24th September 2010

* Nice sized flock of Zebra Finches ~ 30 on fenceline at Locks Lane.

Zebra Finches, Locks Lane Moolort Plains, 24th September 2010

* Crested Bellbirds calling regularly around midday north of Spring Hill Track. Also a few Grey Currawongs and Brown-headed Honeyeaters abundant.

23rd September 2010

* Black-shouldered Kite opposite Racecourse Reserve at Newstead on Newstead – Daylesford Rd.

* Two Swift Parrots at Rise and Shine this afternoon. Also a Crested Shrike-tit calling vigorously!

Crested Shrike-tit, Rise and Shine Nature Conservation Reserve, 23rd September 2010

22nd September 2010

* Pair of Swamp Harriers over cropland at Strangways – location.

19th September

* 4 Yellow-billed Spoonbills and 4 Pacific Herons on freshwater meadow – just south of Nicholls Bridge Rd on Moolort Campbelltown Road [location].

* Southern Whiteface (small group) with White-fronted Chats in open country on Rodborough Rd just south of Joyces Creek.

* Group of 7 Australian Pelicans soaring high over Rodborough Road.

18th September 2010

* Large flocks of Straw-necked Ibis seen across the Moolort Plains including one of 200+ birds (including some Sacred Ibis) over Cairn Curran near Newstead.

Straw-necked Ibis at Cotswold, 18th September 2010

* Black-winged Stilts in small numbers at various wetlands on the plains including freshwater meadow west of Saligaris Swamp and Lignum Swamp. Intermediate Egret – single bird on freshwater meadow at Cotswold in the company of Stilts and Chestnut-breasted Shelducks. Raptor numbers down on past visits but still saw ~ 8 Nankeen Kestrels, 5 Black-shouldered Kites and 3 Brown Falcons over the course of 90 minutes.

12th September 2010

* Barn Owl crossing the highway just west of Joyces Creek tonight at 6.30pm – location.

11th September 2010

*Small flock of 4 Swift Parrots near junction of Spring Hill and Sullivans Tracks. Crested Bellbird heard calling to the east in the gully.

Swift Parrot, Spring Hill Track, 11th September 2010

7th September 2010

* Flock of ~ 50 Straw-necked Ibis feeding on fringe of Frogmore Swamp – was this the same flock observed over Cairn Curran 2 days ago?

Straw-necked Ibis, Frogmore Swamp, 7th September 2010

5th September 2010

* White-bellied Sea-eagle and Darter at Cairn Curran Reservoir.

Darter drying its wings, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 5th September 2010

* Flock of ~ 50 Straw-necked Ibis heading west over Cairn Curran Reservoir towards the Moolort Plains.

Straw-necked Ibis in ‘V’ formation, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 5th September 2010

4th September 2010

* Great Crested Grebes – 2 near the wall at Tullaroop Reservoir [see post]. A female Musk Duck in the shallows to the west.

Female Musk Duck (with Tree Martin), Tullaroop Reservoir, 4th September 2010

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