Interesting local lists

This page is a collection of local bird (and other animal) lists compiled by interested local folks and visiting groups. Feel free to send me your list and I’ll endeavour to keep it up to date as you add new observations.

1. A group from Birdlife Australia visited the Newstead District, from 10th -13th October 2013, camping at the Newstead Racecourse. They compiled a good list of birds during their visit, with trips to the Muckleford NCR, Rise and Shine, Muckleford Gorge, Moolort wetlands and Cairn Curran Reservoir. Click here for the list of observations.


The group from Birdlife Australia visiting Celia Browne’s property at Clydesdale, 12th October 2013. Photograph courtesy of Alby and Eleanor Wright.

2. Christmas Reef Road, Clydesdale – compiled by Celia Browne since the start of 2006.

This is a great list for less than four years of observations. Highlights include Speckled Warbler, Owlet Nightjar, Diamond Firetail and the Brush-tailed Phascogale. Click here for the full list.

3. Loddon River, Newstead – This is a fascinating list of observations made by Jo Ralston from her property which sits above the Loddon River, just south of the town. The list has been compiled over 20 years. Click here to view the list.

4. Ballarat branch of the Bird Observers Club of Australia – visit to Newstead, Cairn Curran and Tullaroop areas on the 26th July 2009. View the full list here.

5. Birdlife Ballarat – visit to the Newstead area including Mia Mia and Spring Hill Track area and the Moolort Plains on 24th June 2012. View the full list here.

Masked Woodswallow, Rise and Shine, October 2009

6. Birdlife Camp – Newstead November 2014

Click here for a list of birds seen on the Birdlife visit to Newstead in November 2014.

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