Significant Places

A collection of notes on places of interest in our local area.

1. The Rise and Shine Bushland Reservedownload walk notes courtesy of  the Newstead Landcare Group. Locate on Google Maps.


Cherry Ballart in the Rise and Shine

Go to Rise and Shine page – click here

2. Rotunda Parkdownload site notes courtesy of the Newstead Landcare Group. Locate on Google Maps.


Yellow Box woodland in Rotunda Park

Go to Rotunda Park page – click here

3. Loddon River at Newstead.    

“We this day crossed several fine running streams, and forests of box and blue-gum growing on ridges of trapean conglomerate. At length, we entered on a very level and extensive flat , exceedingly green, and resembling an English park. It was bounded on the east by a small river flowing to the north-west, (probably the Loddon), and abrupt but grassy slopes arose beyond its right bank ………… After crossing this stream, we encamped, having travelled nearly fifteen miles in one straight line, bearing 60 1/2 degrees east of north. Sheltered on every side by woods or higher ground, the spring seemed more advanced there than elsewhere, and our hard wrought cattle well deserved to be the first to browse on that verdant plain. The stream, in its course downwards, vanished amongst grassy hills to water a country apparently of the most interesting and valuable character.”

Major T.L.Mitchell, 27th September 1836

In a dry country, could there be any feature more important and attractive to life than a river? Conduits of fresh water not only sustain life, but also provide a sense of deep satisfaction for the spirit. Local communities treasure their rivers and Newstead is no exception. The Loddon River has been a central feature of human culture and activities for many thousands of years. Locate on Google Maps. Go to Loddon River page – click here

Mitchell cairn in Rotunda Park

Cairn in Rotunda Park, Newstead ~ location of the campsite of Major Mitchell on 27th September 1836

4. Captain’s Gully Road

This area of the Sandon State Forest is an excellent spot for birdwatching. To learn more including directions click here.

Captain's Gully, Sandon State Forest

5. Spring Hill and the Mia Mia

This is an intruiging area around the junction of Mia Mia Track and South German Track [the eastern continuation of Spring Hill Tk]. The gully has been heavily mined and is pockmarked with diggings, but contains some nice Yellow Box and River Red Gum. The rise to the south-west has been harvested for firewood in recent times and is dominated by coppice regrowth. Despite this history it is a good area for birds – a hotspot for Crested Bellbirds and I have seen Chestnut-rumped Heathwren [see post from June 14, 2009], Peaceful Dove and Little Eagle here. I have also seen the Spotted Quail-thrush in this area and it is a real hotspot for Swift Parrots. For directions click here. To learn more about this interesting place click here.

3 responses to “Significant Places

  1. What/where is the Rise and Shine Bushland reserve?

    • Gabrielle,
      The Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve is an area of public land about 8km south of Newstead. To get there travel on the Daylesford Rd through Strangways and turn right into Ramseys Lane. Follow this road to the top of the rise and you will see a small information shelter on the right. This is the start of the walking track, recently developed by the Newstead Landcare Group. It’s a great place to see a variety of local bird and plant life. Hope this information is useful!

  2. Hi geoff, can you tell me where Blackmore’s swamp is? it looks like you do some great twitching out there! also, is there are a group of local birdwatchers who travel around locally? i don’t have a car but want so much to do more watching. Thanks for a great resource.


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