Alan ‘Curly’ Hartup

Alan “Curly” Hartup lived and worked in Newstead from 1947 to 2004. In his spare time he was a passionate naturalist and photographer.

This collection of photographs (exhibited at the Newstead Railway Arts Hub in October 2015) is largely of bird life in Newstead and the surrounding districts, from Alan’s vast array of black and white photographs and colour slides. It spans over 60 years of Alan’s impressive output. Beginning with his beloved 35m Voigtlander camera, he progressed to the brilliant level of work he achieved with his Mamiya and Rollieflex 2¼ square cameras and his great ability with dark room techniques.


Alan was represented widely in amateur circles and was a central figure in promoting, selecting and judging photography in Victoria and interstate. These photographs remind us of the wonderful legacy Alan left with images of the beauty and richness of our surroundings. He was a man at one with the natural world and one who took a vital interest in our environment and how to care for it.

If you would like to purchase one of these images (framed or unframed prints) please contact Greg Hartup for further details. * You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

1. Rufous fantail

Rufous Fantail

2. Rufous Fantail with young

Rufous Fantail with young

3. Blue Tongue Lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard

4. BlueWren

Superb Fairy-wren

5. Boobook Owl

Southern Boobook

6. Bronzewing Pigeon

Common Bronzewing

7. Brown Treecreeper

Brown Treecreeper

8. Crested Bellbird

Crested Bellbird

9. Dusky Woodswallow 2

Dusky Woodswallow

10. Dusky Woodswallows 1

Dusky woodswallow

11. Eastern Yellow Robins

Eastern Yellow Robin

12. FieldMouse

Fat-tailed Dunnart

13. Hooded Robins 1

Hooded robin

14. Hooded Robins 2

Hooded Robin

15. Crimson Chat

Crimson Chat

16. Yellow Tufted Honeyeater 1

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater

17. Yellow Tufted Honeyeater 2

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater

18. Wedgetail Eagle 1

Wedge-tailed Eagle

19. Wedge Tail Eagle 2

Wedge-tailed Eagle

20. Pelican

Australian Pelican

21. Garden Orb Weaver

Garden Orb Weaver

22. Kookaburras

Laughing Kookaburras

23. Nephla

Orb Weaver Nephila

24. Ringtail Possum

Common ringtail

25. Rufous Whistler

Rufous Whistler

26. Silver Eye


27. Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider

29. White Plumed Honeyeater

White-plumed Honeyeater

28. Wanderer Butterfly

Wanderer Butterfly

30. Cairn Curren R.

Cairn Curran

32. Landscape

Landscape near Smeaton

31. Sand Dunes

Sand dunes