The park in 2016

In February 2016 the Mount Alexander Shire Council sought community feedback on proposed future use and management of the Newstead Rotunda Park. I thought it would therefore be a good time to compile a brief ecological stocktake of the site.

The photographs below were all taken on 14th February 2016. They provide a series of different views of the park, including the remnant areas of Alluvial-terraces Herb-rich Woodland/Creekline Grassy Woodland mosaic (an endangered ecological community in the Goldfields bioregion), together with revegetation work undertaken over the years by the Newstead Landcare Group. I’ve also developed a short series of posts (featured on the blog) describing some of the bird life of the area.

RP1 RP2 RP3 RP4 RP5 RP6 RP7 RP8 RP9 RP10