Discover nature sound recording!

Sound is emerging as a fundamental measure of our natural environment. By listening we can quickly identify which species are present, locate where they are, and recognise behaviour associated with specific vocalisations. By taking in the whole soundscape, the health and dynamics of living systems can be assessed.

Sound recording is thus a fundamental skill for any naturalist, with the added possibility of making aesthetically pleasing recordings simply for the enjoyment of listening.


Over the weekend of 28th-29th November, I (Andrew Skeoch) will be conducting a workshop on nature sound recording for beginners. I will begin by outlining the equipment required for field recording, both from a technical and hands-on perspective. We’ll then move outdoors to natural bushland, where you will have the opportunity to use, compare and assess different microphones and recorders. While there, we can discuss field craft; the skills of how to hear the landscape and best record its many voices. Finally, I will cover the studio aspects of sound editing, documentation, archiving, cleaning up and presenting your valuable recordings.

This will be a participatory workshop designed to give you the knowledge to choose equipment appropriate to your budget and intentions, and the skills to achieve rewarding results. Equipment will be available, but you are encouraged to bring any recording gear you may have.


An unruly mob – enthusiastic participants at a recent workshop at Broadford

This workshop will be held both in the historic, progressive, rural town of Newstead and on my bush property with its healthy box/ironbark woodland birdlife. You may get lucky and record a rare chestnut-rumped heathwren!

November 28th & 29th, at the Community Centre, Newstead, Victoria.
Places are limited.
Earlybird price: $120 (until Nov 16). Regular price: $135

Enquiries and further info: 0419 091 979 or 03 5476 2609
Bookings through Eventbrite

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