Tis the season …

The first cool days of autumn typically herald the arrival of some new birds into the box-ironbark. Yesterday afternoon I spotted my first Eastern Spinebills, two juvenile birds in Rotunda Park, whilst I also got a distant view of a Pied Currawong. Both species are altitudinal migrants that can be found year-round not far from Newstead along the Great Dividing Range. Watch out for these and other autumn migrants over the next month – White-eared Honeyeater, Golden Whistler, Flame Robin and of course, Swift Parrots.


Juvenile Eastern Spinebill, Rotunda Park, 20th March 2016


Listen for their beautiful piping calls over coming weeks


Laughing Kookaburra, Rotunda Park, 20th March 2016



4 responses to “Tis the season …

  1. I can’t imagine an Eastern Spinebill giving you attitude Geoff!

  2. Nice one Mike!

  3. Golden Whistlers making noise at mine in Yandoit.

  4. Looks like a juvenile Kooka with that short little beak and brown on the sides of the face. Our local Kookas had three young in Dec, so I’ve had a very good look at the juveniles as they grow.

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