Influx of spinebills

After spotting a couple of Eastern Spinebills at Rotunda Park on Sunday evening I ventured back there again tonight.

There were numerous spinebills flitting around, moving from high in the flowering canopy of the park’s towering eucalypts down into the understorey in search of insects. There were at least a dozen individuals, mainly juveniles with a few adults keeping them company. I’d be interested to hear of other local reports, especially whether the juveniles may be more numerous in the early autumn.


Juvenile Eastern Spinebill, Rotunda Park Newstead, 21st March 2016






Adult Eastern Spinebill





5 responses to “Influx of spinebills

  1. I haven’t seen or heard any at my place in Yandoit yet. They were here before I moved to Alice. Hoping to see their return.

  2. I will keep an eye on the ones that are coming into our garden Geoff.

  3. Adult Spinebills have been observed at Munro Court, Castlemaine, all through the summer, enjoying the extensive plantings of Correa species. Over recent weeks we have started to see juvenile Spinebills as well. Several households here maintain birdbaths, which are well used through the dry months by many species including spine bills.

    Rosemary and Peter Turner Castlemaine

  4. Lorraine Brown

    I have a few in my garden, however I am opposite the rotunda park and have bird baths and water that they seem to be familiar with.

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