How many waders?


How many different types of waders?

If you look closely at the photograph you’ll be able to pick out three species, two Red-necked Stints (paler), the larger Double-banded Plover and a male Red-capped Plover at right. The Double-banded Plover is a trans-Tasman migrant that visits Australia in reasonable numbers outside the breeding season. We seem to get one or two at Cairn Curran most autumns. It’s the odd-one out in the flight shot of my previous post – the fourteenth bird from the right.


Double-banded Plover, Cairn Curran, 23rd March 2015.


The size difference between Red-capped (front) and Double-banded Plovers is pronounced.


Double-banded Plover in shoreline pose.


Male Red-capped Plover.

3 responses to “How many waders?

  1. Anne van Gemert

    This is a wonderful way of learning to recognise birds.
    Thank you for all the great photos

  2. Of course it is completely misleading that the Double-banded plover has no bands at all while in Australia in non-breeding plumage!

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