Kookaburra action

Laughing Kookaburras are regular visitors to our plot – it’s not unusual to have a party of three or four pay a short visit, perching in the tall eucalypts, as they survey their surroundings for a meal.

Last Saturday morning an absolute cacophony erupted from high up in one of the Yellow Gums out back. There were four birds, with two of the four making repeated forays to a hollow (pictured below).

I suspect they were just ‘playing’ as part of a warm up routine for the upcoming breeding season. After a series of excited visits to the hollow they departed, perhaps in search of a more suitable site.


Laughing Kookaburras, Newstead, 18th June 2022











2 responses to “Kookaburra action

  1. Marg McDonald

    Thanks for the lovely story

  2. RAD Mackenzie

    I’m thinking “dibs” on nesting hollows happens much earlier than the actual breeding event and maybe with fewer hollows present those “dibs” need to be made earlier still.

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