That bubbling sound …

Today’s wonderful rain (I’ve just tipped 21mm from the gauge) will be well received by the Loddon River. Remarkably the Loddon started flowing over a week ago – it seems the springs in the upper reaches had already  ‘sprung into action’, generating a gentle trickle through Newstead.

A visit at the weekend was enhanced by the sounds of a bubbling river … matched by the bubbling calls of Swift Parrots in the River Red-gums overhead.


Loddon River @ Newstead, 7th May 2016


Bubbling along nicely


Water fern Azolla sp. on still water




Immature Swift Parrot


Adult Swift Parrot



6 responses to “That bubbling sound …

  1. Erica Higgins

    Lovely! Hope there’s more to come.

  2. Looks good Geoff. We also got 20mm in Castlemaine. 😊

  3. Marlene Lyell

    Lovely 34mm to 2pm today. Wonderful to water filling the dam….and our water tank.

  4. Nice to hear the news of rain from across the region. Blessings and best wishes to all. There is a lovely old-fashioned word for such an occasion – Benison!

  5. Really like your Cumbungi shot with colours complimented by the Loddon water reflections.

  6. John from The Otways.

    I, too, love your Cumbungi shot.

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