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Kestrel cameo

This female Nankeen Kestrel put on a brief cameo for me as I meandered home along Rodborough Road yesterday afternoon.

There are dozens of them on the plains at present, easily outnumbering all the other raptors.

Nankeen Kestrel (female), Moolort Plains, 4th March 2018




Flight patterns

Three different birds, three very different flight patterns.

We were especially delighted to see the Spotted Harrier (they’ve been scarce this summer), albeit distant views as it quartered in a howling westerly across the paddocks at Locks Lane. This is a favourite location for this species, if you are lucky; Black, Peregrine and Little Falcons can also be seen here.

Silver Gull, Cairn Curran, 4th March 2018

Whistling Kite @ Cairn Curran


Spotted Harrier on Locks Lane, Moolort Plains

Compliant raptors

It was a nice time spent with some compliant raptors late yesterday afternoon.

This Brown Falcon couldn’t quite decide what to do when I rolled up … it held this pose for about a minute before some brief preening and then off!

Brown Falcon, Moolort Plains, 27th February 2018


Black-shouldered Kite

Anything but plain

I love the Moolort Plains at this time of year. The contrast between the big, blue skies and golden stubble makes a great backdrop for the raptors that inhabit this fascinating landscape.

Looking south across the Moolort Plains towards Smeaton, 18th February 2018

Brown Falcon

Nankeen Kestrel hunting

Quite a contrast

At this time of year some areas of the Moolort Plains have an almost outback feel … the red dirt and rocks combine to provide a contrast to the surrounding box ironbark country.

The backdrop made a nice early evening setting for these Wood Ducks as they camped beside one of the shrinking water sources that dot the plains.

Wood Duck, Moolort Plains, 13th February 2018





Three raptors

Not a great deal on offer today – three raptors ‘captured’ on a brief wander across the plains on Friday evening. The Black-shouldered Kite is one of a pair with an active nest.

Brown Falcon, Moolort Plains, 12th January 2018

Juvenile Nankeen Kestrel

Nesting Black-shouldered Kite with mouse

Bushlark triptych

The plains country has produced an abundance of birds this breeding season, including it seems, many larks and pipits. Horsfield’s Bushlark seems to have done particularly well – the images below are of three different individuals, all ‘captured’ within a few metres of each other, adorning a barbed-wire fence at Moolort. The second image is most likely a juvenile, distinguished by the neat white scalloping on the crown and upperparts.

Horsfield’s Bushlark