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Magic sky

Returning home from up north last evening.

Magic sky over the plains … click to enlarge.

Looking south from Moolort Plains towards Mount Koorocheang, 14th February 2020


Moolort Plains 6pm

Yesterday was unsettling. A dust cloud rolled in from the north-west during the afternoon and this is what the Moolort Plains looked like at 6pm.

The Wedge-tailed Eagle, clearly not enjoying the conditions, was sheltering on a low branch in a Grey Box before I unknowingly disturbed it. No late afternoon soaring circles today.

Looking north-east towards Mount Tarrengower

Wedge-tailed Eagle


Starlings in a dust cloud … not quite a murmuration

Stranded Buloke

December landscapes

A selection of local landscapes, from the region to our south … in 42C weather!

Click on the image for a full-size view.

Yandoit Hill, 29th December 2019

Basalt landscape @ Eberys

Candlebark (centre) with Yellow Box @ Werona

The Jumcra @ Franklinford

The Jumcra trickling @ Clydesdale

View west over the Stony Rises @ Werona

Clouds and birds

I’ve consulted my cloud identification chart – not surprisingly I’m stumped for an ID on the clouds pictured below. Feel free to enlighten me!

I watched them all the way home along the Calder on Monday evening and managed to capture the ‘closing stages’ over Rotunda Park. Thirty minutes later they had disappeared entirely.

I’m more comfortable with birds than clouds but always prepared to learn!

Clouds over Rotunda Park, 16th December 2019


Little Eagle @ Joyce’s Creek, 15th December 2019


Cairn Curran landscapes

Landscapes come in different shapes and sizes … all are inhabited by birds of infinite variety.

Black-fronted Dotterel, Cairn Curran @ Joyce’s Creek, 8th December 2019

Australian Pelican

Wood Ducks heading towards the plains

Great Egret

Stars of garden and sky

It’s been something of a lean week with photographic opportunities limited.

Clear winter days and nights would have been ideal if other duties hadn’t got in the way. Here’s a selection of what I did manage to capture earlier in the week.

New Holland Honeyeaters, Wyndham Street Newstead, 24th June 2019

Superb Fairy-wren … looking superb!


Starlight over Newstead



Talking summer in winter … perfect timing

In early March this year, a call went out to Newsteadians to come and join a discussion about our experience of living through drier, hotter summers like the one we had just and how we might manage future ones. “Talking Summer” was an informal gathering providing a forum for people to talk about their fears and ideas for living well in a changed climate. This meeting gave birth to two exciting actions;

Firstly, a submission for the Victorian Government’s Community Climate Change Adaptation fund (3CA) lead by Janet Barker and Kate Tucker on behalf of the Newstead community. In short the grant submission outlines a community-led ‘treescape’ initiative to purchase and plant at least 100 advanced trees to provide cooler and greener canopy for our communal areas around town supported by education, neighbourhood engagement and local expertise. We will not hear back about this results of the grant submission until end of July.

Our beautiful elms may have almost ‘run their race’ … what might we plant in their place and reprise the wisdom of our elders?

Secondly, an offer by Sandon local Ross Uebergang, a Swinburne University Lecture of Landscape Design, for his students to research and design a township treescape plan for Newstead with the aim of giving us more shade and cooler zones around our most active precincts. Their work includes research on Newstead’s historical context, contemporary usage patterns, horticultural and urban landscape best practices.

We are pleased to advise that Swinburne Landscape Design students have completed their class assignment to design a township plan for a cooler, greener Newstead. Hooray!

Now, we would like to invite you come to listen and learn about the fruits of their labour on our behalf. We see the students work as one input, and not the final say on how we might design an improved ‘climate ready treescape’ for the Newstead of 2050 to help us maintain our liveability and mobility in the face of future climate change. We are excited to see how they envisage a cohesive and functional solution for Newstead.

A planted Red Ironbark in Canrobert Street – our current streetscapes are a great mix of native and exotic trees … perhaps a blueprint for the future?

So come along to this interactive session and enjoy the best thinking from these enthusiastic and informed young professionals.

When and where: 1pm -2.30pm, Sunday June 23rd @ the Mechanics Hall, 9 Lyons Street. Newstead light lunch and cuppas provided.

Any queries feel free to contact Kate Tucker ( … also RSVP for catering purposes via an email or 0409 996 561.

The Plane tree outside the Old Newstead Courthouse … it has shown increasing signs of stress over recent summers.

Remnant Yellow Gums … they are tough, look terrific and wonderful for wildlife. Looking after these will be just as important as planting new ones.