Stepping with care

I endeavour to step carefully as I wander through our local bush, especially at this time of year.

A carpet of wildflowers underfoot – and as the days warm there are other possibilities!

I crouched down amongst a field of Blue Pincushion and Silvertop Wallaby-grass, then the ground suddenly ‘exploded’.

A wondrous sight – a Painted Button-quail nest, with four beautifully marked eggs.

Blue Pincushion-1

Blue Pincushion Brunonia australis, Mia Mia Track, 26th November 2022

PBQ nest-1

Painted Button-quail nest


Silvertop Wallaby-grass Rytidosperma pallidum

3 responses to “Stepping with care

  1. Three exquisite shots Geoff. Thanks for all your great posts this year.

  2. Great captures there Geoff. Three fabulous photos. Love that vivid blue, and the speckled eggs are a delight

  3. Inspired by your PBQ observations, we headed out into the Mia Mia. We bypassed a grader road closure and sighted and heard 3 different PBQ. Thrilled! There must be huge numbers out there. Let me know if you would like the geo co ords.

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