Where are the relatives?

Dusky Woodswallows have been back in good numbers after a brief absence during winter. Nesting is now in full swing.

Usually by this time of year we would expect them to have been joined by their relatives, White-browed and Masked Woodswallows. Alas, no sign of these fellow migrants as yet, although they typically appear on the first of the spring northerlies, often in large mixed flocks. Conditions this year have been cool and wet, and would seem to have delayed their movement south.


Dusky Woodswallow with prey, Bell’s Lane Track, 21st November 2022






Dusky Woodswallow, Muckleford State Forest, 22nd November 2022


Early stages of nest-building in a River Red Gum





2 responses to “Where are the relatives?

  1. kerrypressbigpondcom

    We’re just driving back from the flinders ranges after delightedly seeing flocks of masked and white browed (fewer) woodswallows, together with budgerigars , lured by wetter greener conditions 😊 Thanks for an excellent newsletter, I always enjoy your observations and incredible photos!

    Blessings, Kerry 🪶🍃


  2. Hi, I LOVE that last photo. 🙂

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