Return to the earth

Since their return in early October Rainbow Bee-eaters have been performing brilliant aerial displays above their breeding grounds.

While I’m yet to see any birds inspecting potential nesting sites, horizontal tunnels in exposed clay banks are in ready supply and awaiting refurbishment.

Pairs perching close together on low perches and uttering their gentle trills is a sign that egg-laying is imminent. The sexes are alike – the female is somewhat duller than the male, with shorter and broader tail streamers.


Rainbow Bee-eaters, Green Gully, 6th November 2022


Female Rainbow Bee-eater calling






Male Rainbow Bee-eater

9 responses to “Return to the earth

  1. Valentine Franks


  2. The loving pair perched on rusty barbed wire are making a statement. But I’m not quite sure what.

  3. John Carruthers

    Male Rainbow Bee-eater is beautiful @Geoff. You warm our hearts every day.

  4. Pics to brighten your descent into winter

  5. Hi Geoff, I noticed quite a few eucs along the Daylesford Newstead road look a bit poorly, with browning leaves and thinning crowns. Do you think this is normal? I thought it might be too much water but then I think many of the eucs are river red gums, so water shouldn’t be a problem. Have you noticed? I’d value your opinion 🙂

    • Hi Geoff, apologies for the slow reply.

      I stopped yesterday near Yandoit to inspect what you have observed. As I suspected there are a number of ‘culprits’ – cup moth caterpillars, sawfly larvae and psyllid – all contributing to the defoliation. As you’ve noted, the River Red-gums appear to have been especially affected. This phenomenon happens to a greater or lesser extent most years. The abundance of rain has triggered a surge of growth in the RRGs and insects are responding. Rest assured that the situation is part of a typical cycle and that woodland birds will benefits from the bounty. I’ll write a post on this topic soon. Cheers, Geoff



  7. Thanks, that is a relief 🙂

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