Botanically diverted …

A brief diversion from ‘things with feathers’.

Such a wonderful spring – abundant rain and mild weather have created ideal conditions for native plants. I visited a favourite wetland on the Moolort Plains earlier in the week and was delighted to see a mass flowering of Broughton Pea Swainsona procumbens. This glorious native pea was once common across the volcanic plains but has sadly diminished from the effects of overgrazing and cultivation.

Two other wetland species were also spotted, both unfamiliar to me, so I had to ‘phone a friend’ to confirm the identification (thanks Higgo!).

White Purslane Montia australasica is widespread in cooler parts of Victoria, occurring mainly in perennial or seasonal swamps and slow-moving rivers in the lowlands, and in seepage areas or on bare gravelly or rocky ground in the alps (Source: Flora of Victoria).

Woodland Swamp-daisy Brachyscome paludicola occurs along the Murray River and its tributaries south to near Bendigo, in a belt north of the Grampians and south of Little Desert, on the western outskirts of Melbourne, and at a few scattered localities between Melbourne and the Grampians on inundated clay soils, commonly in Eucalyptus camaldulensisE. microcarpa or E. largiflorens woodland (Source: Flora of Victoria).


Broughton Pea Swainsona procumbens, Moolort Plains, 2nd October 2022




White Purslane Montia australasica




Woodland Swamp-daisy Brachyscome paludicola



3 responses to “Botanically diverted …

  1. Thanks for the flower ID…keep them coming

  2. Beautiful specimens Geoff.
    We have seen quite a few wild flowers on our walks throughout kalimna . A lovely time of year.

  3. Annmaree Smerdon

    How wonderful, wonderful, to see our wildflowers out there. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see so many more?
    Thank you for the photos and ident.

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