Open for inspection

A little surprised that this was my first Sacred Kingfisher observation for the season. I’m sure there are individuals about … just avoiding me until last weekend.

Visiting a favourite spot at Yandoit the calls were immediately heard as I stepped out of the car. It took a little while to locate the bird, high up on an exposed perch, uttering a series of territorial calls.

After a short while its partner, presumably the female, arrived and both birds began inspecting a suite of hollows in a large, dead stump. You can see the ‘options’ available in the fourth image below. In my experience these early forays are largely expeditionary … the ultimate nesting site may well be in a different spot altogether.


Sacred Kingfisher, Yandoit, 1st October 2022






Potential nest sites … a multitude


Inspection time





7 responses to “Open for inspection

  1. Great photos
    Really enjoy your photos and comments

  2. gwjasmith@bigpond

    Geoff did you get the invitation to join  us on our camp outings Birdlife East GippslandI sent it to your other email address I hadGreat shots of Kingfisher Gary and Judy  Smith 0408505654

  3. John Carruthers

    Gorgeous photos, @Geoff.
    What a beautiful bird.
    Love #3. Still and noble.
    Could imagine printed 1.5m tall 🙂

  4. Geoff, do they settle on a home by consensus or does one (presumably the female) just announce ‘this is it’ and start furnishing?

    • Hi Bruce,
      It’s a bit hard to say. My observations suggest it’s a team effort … SNAK (Sensitive New Age Kingfishers).

  5. I’m really enjoying your posts Geoff. I was at Yandoit yesterday (on a road trip from Adelaide), but didn’t see any kingfishers. I did get some nice shots of White-throated treecreepers though, so pretty happy. Mark

  6. Enjoying your context notes – a deal of work for you but it does enhance the brilliant images that brighten my day
    Regards Steve Bowman

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