Spring … it’s building

Perhaps it was pure chance that it caught my eye.

A panel of bark, slightly ajar from the trunk of the Grey Box tree … a collection of plant debris at the junction. A perfect site for the nest of one of my woodland favourites.

Moments later a female Hooded Robin alighted on the bark panel … a work in progress.


Hooded Robin nest in Grey Box … partially constructed, Welshmans Reef, 19th September 2022


Hooded Robin (female)






The female with cobwebs


Female Hooded Robin with Cassinia twigs

3 responses to “Spring … it’s building

  1. Fantastic Geoff!!! Another bird for me to look for. I can’t find that Scarlet HE…..

  2. Amazing photos and great find

  3. harold bates-brownsword

    What a wonderful series on the Hooded Robin Geoff. As the nesting season begins in our suburban Adelaide garden, we have been treated to a great deal of nest building activity, but your robins have taken the cake for ingenuity. Thanks for the time and trouble that you take to keep us all aware of the need for increased habitat for our native wildlife and the motivation for us to work towards the goal of protecting and expanding what we have. Thanks again!! Harold B-B

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