As if from nowhere

I had spotted the Wedge-tailed Eagle moments earlier, high in the sky above the swamp. My attention though was on a small party of Purple Swamphens, recent arrivals to the filling wetland, clucking away deep in the lignum.

Then, as if from nowhere, the eagle was in the centre of my view, hovering ‘kestrel like’ less than a metre above the lignum, as the swamphens sounded the alarm. With surprising agility the massive raptor remained hovering for at least a minute, before alighting on one of the clumps of lignum.

A party of ravens appeared and eventually persuaded the eagle to depart. An unsuccessful foray on this occasion but a demonstration of its extraordinary hunting ability nonetheless.

Note: The materials in its talons and beak are, I suspect, from a recent successful kill.


Straw-necked Ibis over Lignum Swamp

Lignum Swamp-1

Lignum Swamp, 18th September 2022

Lignum Swamp2-1



Wedge-tailed Eagle pursuing Purple Swamphens









6 responses to “As if from nowhere

  1. I once watched a young Wedgie pursuing two shelduck through the canopy of black box trees in Gunbower Forest. I was worried the eagle would hit a branch, but it was amazingly agile at dodging around them in a high speed chase. The three large birds shot over about 2 meters above my head! Eventually the ducks outmanoeuvred the eagle and it climbed back up over the tree canopy.

  2. What extraordinary photos, Geoff! What a magnificent bird.
    Thanks for all your posts. They often make my day.

  3. stunning Geoff – right place, right time

  4. Thanks Geoff,
    I have sometimes wondered if ravens are the police force of the bird world?
    A couple of years ago I observed two brown goshawks circling around what I presumed was a raven’s nest near the Fryerstown cemetery.
    Within minutes the two ravens trying to defend their territory had sent out an emergency call and about 40 ravens flew in and harassed the goshawks till they took off.
    How did the ravens do that – send out the call for help?

  5. Hi Geoff


    div>I’m a member of Castlemaine Birdlife and Birdlife Aus Photography and

  6. Gordon and Lyhn Barfield

    Hi Geoff, How lucky were you with the Wedgetail? We are coming home from Swan Hill via Newstead next Monday for a couple of days and would like your recommendations on the best locations at this time for bush birds and raptors. We were planning on the cemetery as one location but would appreciate your advice. Kind Regards Gordon and Lyhn Barfield

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