A kite reappears

On cue, Square-tailed Kites have returned from northern Australia to breed in the forests and woodlands of central Victoria.

My first observation for the spring was at the Rise and Shine early last week, a single bird gliding low over the canopy. This behaviour is a signature move of this uncommon raptor for which the Newstead district is a stronghold.

It feeds on small birds, including nestlings, sometimes snatching active nests from the foliage. While Red Wattlebirds a faired prey other canopy feeders, such as Black-chinned Honeyeaters are no doubt also on the menu.


Square-tailed Kite, Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, 6th September 2022






Black-chinned Honeyeater feeding on River Red Gum lerp






A honeyeater with a quite distinctive call

2 responses to “A kite reappears

  1. I just hope the DWELP don’t come along and burn the forest this Spring and stop the birds from having a successful breeding season.

    Love your photos and comments.


  2. Patricia Prendergast

    I am 101 years old+ 9 months. Marion Dick introduced me to tou. Thank you for your faithful deilivery of your Birds. I am in John Curtin Aged Care after an accident in 2014. Kindest Regards, Patricia.

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