It’s that time of year again

Each year, around this time, the musical calls of Spotted Pardalotes fill the airwaves throughout the gardens of Newstead.

Spotted Pardalotes typically nest in the earth, in a narrow horizontal tunnel that terminates in an egg-laying chamber. Sometimes a new nest is created … or an existing site may be refurbished.

Sunshine and warmer weather are the signal for pardalotes to get busy, as demonstrated by a brief encounter I had with three birds at the weekend. Two males and a female were chasing each other, fluttering in the air space above a prospective nest site – a small pile of builders sand … a favoured location that has been used in past years.

One of the males was eventually chased off, the ‘winner’ then proceeded to display at the entrance of a partially excavated tunnel, whereupon the female arrived to show her appreciation.


Spotted Pardalote (adult female), Wyndham Street Newstead, 6th August 2022




Spotted Pardalote (adult male) inspecting a potential nest site


Courtship display (female at front)


Male at tunnel entrance – partially excavated


The female looking a little excited

4 responses to “It’s that time of year again

  1. I love these photos!


    Such beautiful tiny birds …thank you for such exquisite images… a joy to behold

  3. Simply delightful!

  4. Lovely photos Geoff. They are over here in Metcalfe too but ours are striated. They have taken to the sandy bank of our spring.

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