White-browed Babblers and more

I’m sure it’s a frequent behaviour, just not one that I’ve witnessed previously.

Moments before the second image was captured the White-browed Babbler at left passed a small food item to the individual on the right, most likely an instance of courtship feeding. This activity is common in many bird species, but happens so quickly that it can be overlooked.

Along with the selection below I spotted my first Olive-backed Orioles of the season and heard a Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling.


White-browed Babbler, South German Track, 29th July 2022


Moments after the food pass


White-browed Babblers


Fuscous Honeyeater




Eastern Spinebill in Spreading Wattle


Eastern Spinebill (male) singing

2 responses to “White-browed Babblers and more

  1. Great collection Geoff. Lucky us

  2. The white browed babble is a favourite of ours, they are such cheeky little birds. We have quite a community of them with several nests in the trees close to our house. They constantly forage in the garden, flicking bits and pieces around.

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