Hints of spring

The days are growing noticeably longer and despite the cold it does feel like spring in just around the corner. The first Golden Wattle flowers have appeared and the mixed flocks of woodland birds, a feature of the box ironbark over winter, are starting to break down as they begin to establish territories.


Brown Thornbill, Mia Mia Track, 18th July 2022


Fuscous Honeyeater


Scarlet Robin (female)




White-eared Honeyeater

3 responses to “Hints of spring

  1. Geoff, Thornbills very brave little birds.
    The yellow rumped variety sometimes build their nests way up high in the base of a crow/ravens nest. Both nests being active simultaneously I believe, have you witnessed this in Victoria?

  2. Dave, Adelaide

    Good work Geoff,
    Have you ever noticed yellow rumped Thornbills building their nest in the lower sticks of a ravens/crows nest. Both nests being active together.

    • Hi Dave, I’ve never seen this but would not doubt that it could happen. Yellow-rumped Thornbills often build a decoy cup ‘nest’ on top of their regular nest … you probably already know this! Cheers, Geoff

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