Mid-winter duet

As we approach the shortest day of the year, a charismatic local species, the Barking Owl Ninox connivens, is starting to stir. Perching close together is a sign that a nest site has been chosen and egg-laying is imminent. Young owlets will be demanding food in early spring, just as the prey of Barking Owls – gliders, rabbits, possums and birds, are becoming active.

The sexes are quite different, the male (perched at left in the images below) is noticeably larger and typically has a flattened crown. As I watched on, this pair was mobbed by a contingent of small honeyeaters, triggering a short bout of frenzied calling.

Click on the audio file below to listen to a short duet.


Barking Owl pair (male @ left), Newstead district, 17th June 2022


Barking Owls calling

7 responses to “Mid-winter duet

  1. Helen O'Donnell

    Great photos Geoff, lovely to hear them calling again. Helen O’Donnell.

  2. They are stunning, great photo

  3. Annmaree Smerdon

    Fantastic to Hear these wonderful birds Geoff!
    Great photos. If I’m ever lucky enough to see them I will now be able to identify m from f too.
    Thank you as ever.

  4. Hello Geoff Can you add Richard and Ellen to your Natural Newstead newsletter please?

    Email included in address line

    Many thanks Geoff


  5. What a handsome couple. The audio is a wonderful bonus

  6. Love this post – so good to hear the owls as well. Thanks Geoff!

  7. FAbulous. I can hear why they’re known as barking owls.

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