On balance …

… it’s been a pleasant start to winter around Newstead.

While temperatures have hovered in the low teens over the past three weeks the compensation has been some lovely rain.

The local bush is quite busy and you can sense that many of our woodland bird species are on the cusp of breeding again. The first Golden Wattle flowers have appeared, only on a handful of plants, out of sync with those that will burst forth in late July.


Golden Wattle, Muckleford Nature Conservation Reserve, 13th June 2022


Buff-rumped Thornbill


Scarlet Robin (male)


Scarlet Robin (female)


Yellow-tufted Honeyeater

One response to “On balance …

  1. John Carruthers

    Loved the chiaroscuro on the Female Scarlet Robin, Geoff 🙂

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