Autumn recall …

Last days of autumn …

Superb Fairy-wren, a male in eclipse plumage with a flock of Silvereyes … the Tasmanian race lateralis, a winter visitor, chasing insects in a veteran Pomegranate.

Meanwhile, a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles floated overhead, no more than thirty metres above me.


Superb Fairy-wren, Muckleford Creek, 28th May 2022






Silvereye in Pomegranate






Wedge-tailed Eagle



7 responses to “Autumn recall …

  1. Thanks Geoff – kind of weird but wonderful to see that dainty little wren that must weigh in at a few grams and know that it sharing air space (preferably not to close) with a wedgie.

  2. Wow amazing birds and photos

  3. Some really nice pics there Geoff

  4. Your blog is the best thing on the internet. 🙂

  5. Hi Geoff,

    Spectacular images…as always!

    We have white browed babblers around, haven’t seen them before this year.

    Are there any over your way? Are they regulars in the area? We are near Maldon.




    • Hi Sue,

      Yes, White-browed Babblers are reasonably common in the bush around Maldon. They especially like areas with dense areas of medium sized shrubs where the can build their roosting and breeding nests. Cheers, Geoff

  6. Dave, Australia

    Yep your the Best Geoff.
    Saw some White Throated Needle Tails in Southern suburbs of Adelaide one summer about 20 years ago. They were up in the stratosphere, must have been 1 km up.
    They’d be a challenge to photograph

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