Sights of winter

The onset of winter means a subtle change in the composition of the local bird community.

Eastern Spinebill, Golden Whistler and White-eared Honeyeater are distinctive ‘winter birds’ in the Newstead district, although the latter species may be seen throughout the year. Scarlet Robins also tend to be more abundant during the cooler months.


Eastern Spinebill (adult female), Red White and Blue Mine, 2nd June 2022




Gymnopilus junonius (Spectacular Rustgill) on Grey Box


Golden Whistler (immature)


Grey Currawong

Gum moth

Emperor Gum Moth – spent cocoons


Scarlet Robin (adult male)




White-eared Honeyeater

6 responses to “Sights of winter

  1. A great winter collection. Particularly like the White-eared Honeyeater portrait.

  2. Think those fungi may be Gymnopilus junonius (Spectacular rustgill) !

  3. I think your photo of the fungus is fabulous.

  4. John Carruthers

    Beautiful symmetry in images #2 of spinebill and robin respectively. Foliage framing amplifies the composition. Arresting 🙂

  5. I love your scarlet robin photos!

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