The usual and not so …

As we drift into June, shorter days mean fewer birding opportunities.

The area north of Bell’s Lane Track is a favourite spot, at the boundary between state forest and the Muckleford Nature Conservation Reserve.

A series of drainage lines contain some larger Yellow Box and White Box trees and the variety of birds in this area is generally greater than normal for the Muckleford bush.

Late yesterday afternoon I was watching a trio of robins, Flame, Scarlet and Eastern Yellow Robins, when I heard the unmistakable call of a Noisy Friarbird. This large, nomadic honeyeater is by no means common locally and more often heard than seen. The Newstead district is on the southern edge of the range of this species in central Victoria, although these blossom nomads are often recorded outside their usual haunts. Generally moving in small flocks, Noisy Friarbirds are noisy and obvious when feeding. While I spotted a single bird, at least two others were calling.

Also of note was a Fan-tailed Cuckoo, observed at this very spot in the first week of June last year.


Eastern Yellow Robin, Bells Lane Track, Muckleford State Forest, 26th May 2022




Flame Robin


Noisy Friarbird


Scarlet Robin

One response to “The usual and not so …

  1. New to Muckleford area. Must go find the track you mention here.

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