A few interesting observations from earlier this week at Picnic Point.

A family of Australian Ravens, two adults and an immature, feeding on the carcass of a European Carp.

A family of Great-crested Grebes, parents and two immature birds. My hunch is that these birds have bred further south, perhaps at Hepburn Lagoon, and then travelled to Cairn Curran.

A juvenile Swamp Harrier, heading south with purpose. Again, I very much doubt that this is the result of a local breeding event. Tasmania is a stronghold for this species, with birds dispersing to the mainland in winter, while mainland birds tend to head north. Key breeding sites are wetlands along the Murray River and along the Victorian coast. They occasionally breed locally, but only in wet years.

Upon arrival an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle cruised overhead … as I fumbled with the camera!


Australian Raven (adult) , scavenging on the shoreline at Cairn Curran, 23rd May 2022




Immature Australian Raven


Great Crested Grebes (immatures)


Great-crested Grebe – adult and immature

Swamp Harrier

Swamp Harrier (juvenile)


White-faced Heron

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    Great article and photosGary and Judy  Smith 0408505654

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