Autumn insectivores

Mixed feeding flocks of insectivores are a feature of autumn in the box-ironbark.

During a brief pause in the rain earlier this week I came across a small gathering along Spring Hill Track.

In the company of the Grey Fantails and Scarlet Robins were a Golden Whistler, Buff-rumped Thornbills, a Yellow-faced Honeyeater and a Grey Shrike-thrush. One of the fantails delighted as it sought insects through the foliage, fanning its tail repeatedly in an effort to disturb potential insect prey.


Grey Fantail, Spring Hill Track, 20th April 2022






Male Scarlet Robin




Female Scarlet Robin

3 responses to “Autumn insectivores

  1. wondrous nature, thank you so very much, your posts allow me to smile in these strange times

  2. Stunning photos

  3. Hi Geoff Having tech issues logging in but here are my comments

    Hi Geoff I always enjoy your pictures, but these fantails, breathtaking. I often wonder how long you need to wait to get these amazing pictures. Love your work Caroline

    Sent from my iPhone


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