A golden autumn

A number of folks have commented in recent weeks on the proliferation of spiders in the local bush, in particular the extraordinary Golden Orb-weaver Nephila edulis.

These magnificent spiders have been casting their webs with enthusiasm post Xmas. Walking in the bush at present is tricky as you weave your own way amongst their silken creations, some of which are more than a metre across.


Golden-orb Weaver, Mia Mia Track, 27th March 2022



Speckled Warblers have bred again during autumn, a good sign for this declining woodland bird. I’ve also spotted both Red-capped and Scarlet Robins in recent weeks … they went missing during the heat of summer.


Speckled Warbler (female)


Speckled Warbler (male) … ferrying food, 7th March 2022


Speckled Warbler (male) calling


White-eared Honeyeater, 27th March 2022

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