Easily distracted

It takes something a little more than the ordinary to distract me from watching Sacred Kingfishers.

This Yellow-footed Antechinus did the trick as I watched its athletic foraging antics. This species is equally adept on the ground – clinging to a near vertical earthen bank, as it is when searching for prey amongst the branches of a Grey Box.


Yellow-footed Antechinus, Newstead area, 5th January 2021











6 responses to “Easily distracted

  1. As usual your photos are amazing, thank you . Todays are wonderful as l have never seen an Antechinus in the “wild”

  2. Hi Geoff. Snap! I was also waiting to get a Sacred Kingfisher shot, heard some rustling near me and had a first encounter with an Agile Antechinus. So interesting how they flat-belly around a trunk.
    All the best. Bill

  3. Yes, I am fond of the Antechonus. We have them bopping around the house and just as likely to see them high up a tree as on the ground

  4. Hey can I share this post, it is so joyful?

  5. As always beaut shots. Thanks

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