Hungry mouths

Nesting Sacred Kingfishers are efficient and very effective when it comes to raising their young. I recently watched a pair ferrying a variety of prey to their brood, the hissing calls of the nestlings clearly audible from 20 metres away.

Both parents were visiting the nest site, a tunnel in an erosion gully, at regular intervals … not more than ten minutes apart. The highlight was when one of the adults arrived with a Tree Dragon Amphibolurus muricatus, the largest item I’ve ever seen taken by this species.


Sacred Kingfisher with grasshopper, Newstead area, 4th January 2022


Grasshopper #2


Arriving with a Tree Dragon




This time with a Bougainville’s Skink

One response to “Hungry mouths

  1. Great shots! Sacred Kingfisher is one of my favourite birds, it’s interesting to see how large a lizard they have caught for the young ones. Thanks for sharing these and other bird photos.

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