A wounded teal

As I slowly crested the dam bank a whirr of wings marked the departure of a party of Australian Wood Ducks and a single Pacific Black Duck. In the middle of the dam a lone Grey Teal remained, unusual, until I realised this was a wounded bird. The primary feathers of the left wing had been shredded, possibly in an encounter with a raptor, or perhaps a fox. The bird raised itself to fly a number of times without success. Such a beautiful bird, but sadly I don’t fancy its chances from here.


Grey Teal, Muckleford State Forest, 28th December 2021













5 responses to “A wounded teal

  1. Hello, I realise nature can be harsh, but could you not have tried to rescue it and hand it into wildlife rescue, or even try to look after it yourself. Anyone would love a duck!
    Kind Regards

  2. Too easy just a siting duck

  3. Hi Geoff. There was a problem with the photos of the Grey Teal. Are you aware? See below.

    Regards and a happy new year to you. I always enjoy your postings. Thanks for rendering the service.

    Bruce Donaldson


  4. Elizabeth and Graeme Carmichael and Barber

    try Wildlife Rescue, they may be able to loan you a net, or even get some of their volunteer rescuers to catch it. You probably already know that vets treat wildlife for free. We were rescuers for a few years, and rescued many birds. Worth q try, sorry I can’ ell you the phone number

  5. Sad indeed, but that’s life unfortunately, we don’t all make it through. Great photos thanks Geoff.

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