Easily fooled,

… that’s me, not the kingfisher.

I’ve been staking out a pair of Sacred Kingfishers in the Rise & Shine for a few weeks now.

Last season a pair nested in an exquisite hollow (image #2 below) in a Long-leaved Box and I was convinced they were using the same site again.

One of the adults arrived with a freshly caught skink and as I waited expectantly for it to disappear into the hole, it darted, much to my surprise, into a different hollow in the same tree. Both adults made a number of visits during my short vigil. I suspect the young have just hatched, based on the lack of white-wash around the hollow entrance.


Sacred Kingfisher with a freshly caught skink, Rise & Shine Bushland Reserve, 20th December 2021


Last season’s nesting site


Arriving with a wolf spider






Departing with a fecal sac


Not quite sharp!

6 responses to “Easily fooled,

  1. dear Geoff

    thanks for a wonderful year of birds – it brings joy to one’s heart.

    Merry Christmas


  2. From GP to you… beautiful shots !!!


  3. Beautiful photos thanks for the joy and best wishes for 2022

  4. Fine event captured so well as usual. Amazing to think of a whole family tucked away in that hollow

  5. Wow! Great shots, Geoff. There was a tiny white poo streak outside the hollow a couple of days ago.

  6. Out feral sac! – suspect spellcheck?
    Thanks so much for another year of wonderful photos and enlightening notes Geoff.

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