Stacks on …

At this time of year the song of Mistletoebirds is regularly heard. Yellow Gums, replete with ripening fruit are a magnet for the adults as they ferry the succulent offerings to hungry mouths.

The Mistletoebird nest is a thing of beauty, stitched together from cobwebs, grass, spent flowers and other plant material, the purse-like structure is suspended from a narrow twig … this time in a lilac bush. In town it seems Mistletoebirds often select an exotic shrub to locate their nest. In the surrounding bushland coppice eucalypts are a favoured choice.

Both parents bring fruit to the nestlings, with visits only a few minutes apart – dozens of berries are required every hour when a family of four is raised.


Mistletoebirds x 4, Newstead, 13th November 2021


Female Mistletoebird at the nest








Male Mistletoebird




12 responses to “Stacks on …

  1. Remarkable shots Geoff. Something I had never witnessed. I wonder what reward the parents get. Perhaps I’m being too anthropomorphic

  2. Delightful shots. Would love to witness this its really fabulous. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wonderful photos. Congratulations.

  4. Hi are you doing any tours? I would love to come out to Newstead and see all these amazing birds. And I thought that first image, at first glance, were banksia seeds!! Amazing.

  5. Such enjoyable pics to see

  6. Fantastic photos Geoff. Once again you’ve brightened my day. Thanks so much.

  7. Fabulous story and amazing photos. Some would make the perfect Xmas card. There are many Mistletoe birds around Victoria this season…Thanks Geoff

  8. Wow! Those photos are glorious! I’ve never seen a Mistletoe bird … I’ll be keeping an eye out. That photo with the little baby faces peering out has warmed my heart. Thanks Geoff.

  9. Thanks again Geoff for more of your most joyous extraordinary photos! Vanessa

  10. Your photos are always extraordinary but these are really spectacular quite amazing. So beautiful.

  11. Wonderful photos Geoff

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