Grebe watching

In wetter years some of the small bush dams scattered throughout the Muckleford bush provide nesting sites for Australasian Grebes.

Grebes are reluctant fliers but can move long distances when the urge takes them. Their powerful legs are situated at the back of the body, rendering them clumsy when out of the water, but along with their lobed feet enable them to dive instantly to pursue underwater prey including small fish and yabbies. They make floating nests from aquatic vegetation, with the eggs covered by a protective layer of weed during incubation. The adults don’t spend a lot of time sitting on the nest, but return at regular intervals to check the eggs and indulge in some ‘home decorating’. We have two other grebe species locally, the Hoary-headed Grebe and the Great Crested Grebe – both tend to frequent larger water bodies including Cairn Curran.


Australiasian Grebe, Muckleford State Forest, 30th October 2021


Australasian Grebe nest


Adult arriving at the nest


Rearranging the structure


Both adults play a role in tending the nest


Maintenance done


Yabbies are a major prey item

2 responses to “Grebe watching

  1. Hi Geoff,

    My daughter is up for the weekend after Melbourne’s los,down. Do you know if the Powerful Owls are about? Last three visits have been empty.

    Best regards


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Beautiful bird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Grebe?

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