A wink, a stretch and a nod

The Barking Owl Ninox connivens, is sometimes referred to as the ‘Winking Owl’.

While the specific epithet connivens is Latin for winking, all owls ‘wink’, so this skill is not unique. Nonetheless the third image below indicates that the moniker is still apt.

This beautiful male was found sitting quietly on a low-hanging limb of  a Yellow Gum, occasionally stirring to scratch or stretch as it readied itself for an evening of hunting. As dusk approached it started to utter a  series of low trills, not the distinctive ‘wuk-wuk’ call the species is renowned for. A loose collection of feathers was found nearby, the remains of a magpie I think. Perching on the hunting ground of a Barking Owl is perilous.

The female was also observed nearby, high in the canopy, smaller and more slender than the male.


Barking Owl (male), Newstead area, 21st October 2021












Barking Owl (female)


Prime suspect … Barking Owl

2 responses to “A wink, a stretch and a nod

  1. Hi Geoff

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I did your photography course many moons ago. Anyway, we’d like to make a small donation via The Good Op Shop to powerful owl research or protection locally, and I wondered if you knew of anyone who is doing that in the region? Or there is a guy who hangs around the owls in the Botanic Gardens a lot and knows his stuff, and I wondered if he was studying them?

    Thanks so much


  2. Thanks Geoff. Wonderful photos and commentary. Julie

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