The wanderer

I spotted this Peregrine Falcon last week at Picnic Point. The bold, dark streaking on the breast signify that it’s a juvenile. Almost all individuals I observe locally are seen in adult plumage (see this post from earlier this year).

Both the English and scientific names for this beautiful raptor mean “wandering falcon”… peregrinus is a Latin term for wanderer or foreigner.

Peregrines are nesting locally at present but I doubt that any young birds have fledged as yet. My hunch is that this bird has arrived from further north. Good rains in the interior have triggered ideal conditions for bird breeding and now this youngster is roaming far and wide before it too ‘settles down’.


Peregrine Falcon (juvenile), Picnic Point, 13th October 2021









One response to “The wanderer

  1. Beautiful. I’ve been watching the PFs in their Collins St nest site in Melb. Joyful.

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