Warming up

It’s been an unusually cool start to spring in central Victoria. I suspect this has been welcomed by the birds with good evidence of breeding at present.

I heard my first Rainbow Bee-eaters on Sunday, calling high overhead at the Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, while Sacred Kingfishers remain elusive. There have been a few local reports of the latter but I’ve failed to see one yet in the ‘usual’ spots. Pallid Cuckoos have become vocal in the past week or so, but I’m yet to see a Black-eared Cuckoo. The next month promises to be an excellent time to enjoy nature in the Newstead district.

Apologies (not really!) for the Hooded Robin overload on this post … a favourite woodland bird of mine.


Dusky Woodswallow, Green Gully, 10th October 2021


Eastern Yellow Robin incubating – in sapling Long-leaf Box


Eastern Yellow Robin with Cup-moth caterpillar


Hooded Robin (female)







3 responses to “Warming up

  1. Never apologise for presenting us with these adorable birds…beautiful images! Bring on the EYRobin 🐥

  2. Patricia Prendergast

    Dear Geoff, My heartfelt thanks to you for your faithful sending of these delightful photos. It is 6 years since I came to John Curtin Aged Care. I was introduced to you by Marion Dick. I came here after being disabled by a taxi backing over me. I am unable to live alone. My husband was a bird watcher; I don’t know why I wasn’t. These little birds bring me great joy. In January I turned 100 years old. We lived at Newlyn for 58 years until Ted died. We often drove through Newstead. Best wishes from Patricia Prendergast.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dear Patricia – lovely to hear from you and pleased that you enjoy Natural Newstead. There are some nice stories coming up in the next few days. Please get in touch if you are passing through Newstead at some future time. All the best, Geoff

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