Spring fever

While I didn’t exactly ‘nail’ the first three images they do capture a rarely observed event – one that I’ve only glimpsed, from memory, a couple of times in the past.

All of the robins, in fact many birds, engage in courtship feeding during the breeding season. In this case I first spotted this female Hooded Robin perched high in the canopy where it started to flutter its wings in frenzied fashion. Moments later the male appeared and delivered a caterpillar morsel to its mate. This all happened in the matter of seconds, the male departed and the female descended to the woodland floor where it resumed gathering material for its nest, being built nearby low in a eucalypt stump.


Female Hooded Robin, wing vibration prior to courtship feeding, Welshmans Reef, 12th September 2021


Male Hooded Robin courtship feeding




Hooded Robin (adult male)


Hooded Robin (adult female) with nesting material






Shaping the nest – the site in a low fork of a coppiced eucalypt

2 responses to “Spring fever

  1. What a beautiful series of photographs. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Great series of photos Well done ! And thanks for all your information and photos

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