A good year …

The local bush is oblivious to the pandemic.

With abundant winter and early spring rain there is a riot of colour at present, dominated by flowering wattles – especially Rough Wattle Acacia aspera.


A riot of colour, Mia Mia Track, 5th September 2021


Rough Wattle


Downy Grevillea

The highlight of this walk was a flock of Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes, perhaps a dozen or so, moving in a loose party through the canopy and feasting on caterpillars. A number were observed with large, green larvae that they had captured. They would bash the larvae on branch before consuming them in a series of gulps. I’m not able to positively identify the larvae but they most likely belong to the family Saturniidae, of which the Emperor Gum Moth is a well known member. Moths in this family often pupate for more than a year, emerging when conditions are suitable.


Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike with Emperor Gum Moth caterpillar




… mournful trilling


Fan-tailed Cuckoo with caterpillar

4 responses to “A good year …

  1. Love your Blog. Missing the Robins at Muckleford

  2. Beautiful photos as usual. How lovely to see the Emperor Gum Moth caterpillar again, I haven’t seen one for many years.


    Is rough wattle spiky? If so, we have lots of it in Goonoo Forest, Dubbo, NSW.

    • Hi Margaret – Rough Wattle isn’t spiky but the leaves are quite hairy. Apparently it ranges as far as Peak Hill so maybe it is in Goonoo also. Cheers, Geoff

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