A woven treasure

The chatter of Weebills provides a pleasant accompaniment on many of my walks. Such was the case last weekend at Rotunda Park, a party of Weebills foraging in a patch of Cootamunda Wattle. The birds weren’t chasing insects, rather they were gathering spent wattle flowers to decorate an almost completed nest in a nearby Golden Wattle.

A Weebill nest is a beautiful creation, a small domed structure woven from grass and cobwebs, interspersed with flowers within and on the exterior …perhaps as camouflage. At least four individuals were contributing to the finishing touches on the nest, suspended less than a metre from the ground. Weebills are known to be cooperative breeders.


Weebill arriving at the nest site, Rotunda Park Newstead, 28th August 2021












Grey Fantail

5 responses to “A woven treasure

  1. An enchanting set of photographs to lighten the start of another dreary lockdown day. And I learnt something about Weebill nest building techniques too. Thanks Geoff. .

  2. How absolutely delightful in every detail. Thank you Geoff.

  3. Far out Geoff! Exceptional shots! I just love VI ….want that on my wall..please? Can’t wait to get back to Muckleford Forest. Thanks for taking us on your journey 🐥

  4. Beautiful! One proud little nest builder. Thank you Geoff.

  5. Glorious photos … so intimate! Thank you for ever.

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