That hollow feeling

The first signs of breeding activity are showing, even in the depths of winter.
Hollow-nesting species, including Australian Wood Ducks and Galahs are getting busy as is evident in this recent series of images from the Muckleford bush.
The pair of Wood Ducks were accompanied by three others, all apparently interested in the same site.


Australian Wood Ducks, Muckleford State Forest, 25th June 2021


Male at left … female at right


Male Australian Wood Duck




Galah pair … female at right




Female inspecting a prospective nesting hollow

5 responses to “That hollow feeling

  1. How do you tell the Galah is female Geoff? White under the eye?

  2. Wonderful photography of birds on their habitat and different moods in each shot

  3. Second last shot Geoff – is she whispering sweet nothings or searching for a tasty morsel under the down?

  4. I failed at playing ‘spot the difference’ – how do you tell male from female galahs please Geoff?

  5. Jeffrey Crawley

    For those people wanting to know how to tell male from female galahs, the males have black / dark eyes, while the females eyes are orange / red.

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