A creature of habit

Last winter I was fortunate to encounter a male Rose Robin in the Muckleford Nature Conservation Reserve. The birds was present for a number of weeks in the same spot, a moist gully dominated by Yellow Box, White Box and a dense understorey of Golden Wattle.

I was not at all surprised, on a visit yesterday, to again observe a male Rose Robin!

While I have no evidence to prove my case you would have to think it is the same individual. My 2020 sighting was in mid-August, although the bird had been observed there some weeks earlier. I suspect this one will be resident for the winter.

Rose Robins breed further south, migrating in small numbers to the box-ironbark over the cooler months. Like the other Petroica robins, Rose Robins are insectivores but tend to be more aerial in their foraging behaviour.


Male Rose Robin, Muckleford State Forest, 29th May 2021











6 responses to “A creature of habit

  1. What an exquisite bird. Love your distilled commentary and gorgeous photos.

  2. Super photos of this stunning little bird!

  3. Fabulous shots. I have seen them once or twice in the Otways , but I’ve never been close enough to get a really good look.

  4. Great he’s back I’m hoping to be up Queens birthday to check on ourEYR so I’ll see if this one is still about too

  5. Marguerita Stephens

    Oh Geoff, in these challenging times I just love your beautiful photos and thoughts, Marguerita

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