Here we go again …

To some folks, currawongs are a bird of evil intent … not for me.

They are curious, alert and adaptable birds that have an ill-deserved reputation on account of some aspects of how they ‘make a living’ … preying on small native songbirds for example.

Every autumn, flocks of Pied Currawongs arrive in Newstead, on migration from higher altitudes along the Great Dividing Range. Each year the numbers seem to increase and in fact this year I was even hearing the occasional bird over summer. Their beautiful calls are very different to that of our resident and mainly solitary Grey Currawong.

Home gardens are a favourite for the species, with winter fruiting shrubs such as this privet a favourite food source. Yesterday afternoon more than a dozen Pied Currawongs were gathered at any one time to feast on the berries. No doubt they are responsible fo spreading the seeds of this exotic but locally this doesn’t seem to be causing a problem.


Pied Currawong, Newstead, 27th May 2021















5 responses to “Here we go again …

  1. I enjoyed each shot Geoff, highlighting a variety of poses. I especially liked the third photograph.

  2. Eight fabulous shots Geoff. I especially liked the third photograph for its clarity, muted background and the bird’s pose.

  3. Kate Hutchison

    Currawongs are my favourite amongst the birds. Their calls are superb, their soft family sounds are very gentle and like so many birds they are observant and adaptable. I notice that most people still like the big cats of the world despite the fact they eat the young and vulnerable of other species when they can. I feel we are being unfair to currawongs.

  4. John Carruthers

    We love the beast eyed ones, @Geoff. Thank you.

  5. John Carruthers

    “Beady eyed” ones, @Geoff.

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